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What information will my insurer collect about me through a black box?

To get the most out of a black box policy and to address any privacy concerns, it’s useful to know exactly what information the box will gather and what your insurer will see. So, what information about your driving does a black box track, exactly?

Black boxes primarily collect information through a GPS sensor, which logs where you’re driving, and a motion sensor, which records data about your speed, movement, and any impacts, including from collisions or heavy braking.

The data collected by a black box exclusively pertains to your driving. It includes: 

  • Time of day or night you drive: If you rarely drive late at night or during rush hour - both times where accidents are statistically more likely - you may be rewarded with lower premiums.
  • Mileage: You may receive discounts for low mileage.
  • Number of journeys: Fewer journeys can mean lower premiums.
  • Type of roads: The GPS sensor records which roads you’re on. Your insurer can then see if you’re sticking to the speed limit and how many miles you log on motorways.
  • Speed: Excessive speed will raise red flags for your insurer.
  • Manoeuvring: How you brake, accelerate, steer, and turn corners can influence your premiums.
  • Breaks: On long journeys, you should take regular breaks to avoid getting tired behind the wheel.
  • Collisions: The motion sensor will detect everything from minor bumps to serious accidents.

Black boxes don't record conversations or collect any other sensitive information about you personally.

Additionally, your car insurance provider will never sell the data collected by the box to competitors or other third parties. They will only hand it over to law enforcement if they're required to under a court order, such as in the case of a serious crime.

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