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What happens if a named driver has an accident?

Adding a named driver to your insurance means that someone else is legally allowed to operate your vehicle under your policy. But what happens if the named driver, who legally should be driving the vehicle less than the main driver, has an accident?

While named driver insurance can have benefits for both parties, the policyholder is more at risk. This is because is the named driver on your policy crashes the car, it will be under your name.

So, if you have built up a no claims history of five years, and your named driver crashes, you will lose it if you claim. There’s also a chance it will increase your premiums, even if they are removed from the policy.

On the other hand, the named driver’s no claims bonus won’t be affected if they crash a car under your policy. This means any future premiums on their own policy won’t be negatively affected, unlike yours.

This is why you need to be careful regarding who you add as a named driver, as your generosity could come back to bite you

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