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How do I remove a named driver from my car insurance?

Adding a named driver to your policy allows them to drive your car under your insurance. However, a situation might arise where you want to remove them. It could be due to a breakup, a change of living situation or because they haven’t been driving safely. But how do you do this?

Exactly how you go about removing a named driver from your car insurance will depend on your provider. Whereas some insurers have the option of removing/adding drivers via the click of a button, others don’t make it so easy.

Generally, you will need to get in touch with your insurer and explain the situation. If they have reason to believe that the person could still drive your car, they might refuse your request. 

Some might require documentation to prove that they no longer have access to your vehicle. For example, if a relationship has ended, they might want to see evidence they have moved out.

If you live together, the named driver might need to be able to show they have handed in their licence or that they have their own policy. Certain companies will charge you a fee for removing a previously named driver.

In some instances, you may need to exclude a named driver to remove them from your policy. An excluded driver is someone who you have explicitly said is not allowed to operate your vehicle. Not all providers will allow for this.

While it might be a pain, removing someone from your policy could save you a lot of money. If they have a poor driving history or not much experience at all, having them on your insurance is likely to be costing you a fair amount extra each month.

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