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Does car insurance cover drink driving accidents?

If you’re driving while above the legal limit for alcohol, and have an accident, your car insurance provider will pay out for third-party damages. They’re obligated to do this under the Road Traffic Act.

However, they’ll typically try and recoup these costs from the policy holder and you’ll find your fully comprehensive cover will be reduced to third-party only.

You’ll additionally rarely if ever be able to claim for any personal injury incurred, nor for passengers if they knew you were under the influence while driving, provided the insurer can prove that.

The nature and severity of the accident will also impact your future insurance options. Yes, you’ll face steeper premiums if you reverse into property while driving under the influence, but if you cause injury to, or death of, another person, you could face a prison sentence – and car insurance will be the least of your concerns.

Every policy will have exemptions and exclusions related to alcohol and drugs, including prescriptions. If you’re unfit to drive, over the limit or refuse to provide a breath, blood or urine specimen, you won’t be covered in your policy.

On the flipside, if you have an accident while under the legal limit for alcohol, generally your insurer will provide cover; however, it’s best to go over your policy with a fine toothcomb to be certain.

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