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Does a named driver need their own policy?

You may be aware of named driver insurance and the fact that having more than one driver for any particular vehicle could save you both on your premiums. But does the named driver, or additional driver, need their own policy?

Adding a named driver means including another individual in an existing car insurance policy. This means they have exactly the same level of cover as the main driver, aka the person who owns the car. So, the named driver does not need their own policy, as they are covered by the main driver’s one

But there are some situations when it’s not possible to add someone as a named driver. In this instance, they would need to take out their own insurance to get behind the wheel of a car.

Sometimes, fully comprehensive policies may have a ‘driving other people’s car’ clause, which allows them to operate another vehicle without needing to be added as a named driver, or take out a different policy. This is rare, however, so always make sure you are covered before getting behind someone else's wheel.

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