Barclays Online Banking Customers Face Glitches


September 2018

Barclays Online Banking Customers Face Glitches

A “technical glitch” on Barclays internet and telephone banking systems caused customer complaints regarding late payments and problems in accessing accounts. Online a telephone services were offline for at least seven hours, however, Barclays say “everything is now fixed”.

A spokesperson for the bank said: "We're very sorry about the technical problems our customers have experienced today."

"Everything is now back up and running and we're really grateful for customers bearing with us."

Barclays have now said that customers would be able to use the mobile banking services to check account balances as well as make and receive payments.

Barclays customers were told: "You should still be able still make payments to existing payees through mobile banking. However, new payees aren't possible at the moment due to the incident.

"You can still use your card to make purchases as normal […] payments into accounts are unaffected by the issues we've faced today."

The bank also said its telephone services have been restored but were experiencing delays due to the high volume of calls.

However, throughout the day customers had been tweeting their frustration.

One customer told the BBC that: "A significant payment due into my account has gone missing. It has been confirmed as sent but not received."

Another customer told the BBC that: "The systems have also gone down inside branches with no transactions possible.

"My friend just called from inside one. The manager was trying to placate customers and couldn't advise when they would be back online."

A customer, Charlotte Vella, criticised the bank for not forewarning customers on social media, saying: “numerous people [have been] turned away from carrying out basic transactions”.

Several business customers reported that they were unable to organise payments to staff for tomorrow.

These latest outages in banking services comes only months after a long period of IT issues which blocked TSB customers out of their bank accounts.