The Money Expert Mobile App

This documentation applies to v1 of the App. The Money Expert App helps you compare products including gas and electricity, broadband, car insurance and home insurance and enables services to help you manage these policies over time, including renewal reminders and automated switching of energy providers before the tariff you subscribed to expires (together the App Services)

We reserve the right to discontinue the provision of the App Services at any time.

Log in to the Money Expert App

You have a choice of different ways in which you can register for and start using the Money Expert App.

  1. Use your existing Facebook or Google account details to gain access to the App. If you choose this option, we will make a real time request for data which you will be asked to authorise.
  2. Choose ‘Register with your email address’ and complete the registration screen.


If you have authorised the App to send you notifications, we will invite you to set up email alerts to remind you of when your existing gas and electricity and broadband rate and/or your insurance policies are due for renewal. This is a timely reminder to perform a new comparison in order to continue to enjoy a competitive tariff or insurance premium once your existing deal comes to an end. If you set up your own reminders, remember to set them in plenty of time.

Alternatively, you can easily enable renewal reminders via the ‘Alerts’ section within your app Profile. This will mean giving us permission to send you reminders via email and push notification.


In your profile in the App, we will store the personal details you have used to register for the App, including your name, email address and password, and your marketing preferences. If you choose to receive marketing information from us, your email address and other details will be editable from this screen. We will only use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be found on our website.

Once you have created an account with us, you will be able to access this in your app and via our website by using the same log in details for both platforms.


We will show you the details of quotes you have conducted from our website so that you can easily retrieve such quotes and complete any transactions at your discretion.

In some cases, for example for car and home insurance products, we are dependent on third parties to make quote information available to us. Although we will endeavour to present this information back to you in a timely and accurate manner we do not take responsibility for any missing information that may arise as a result of delays or technical issues, for example with the transfer of information.

Quote validity is subject to an expiry date. In some cases you will find that quotes shown in the App are no longer available and you may have to restart the process of searching for a deal. To facilitate this, we will use the personal details we have for you to pre-populate any forms so that you don’t have to enter these again.

Quote history is only available in the App for gas and electricity, car insurance and home insurance quotes.

If you have used Money Expert to complete a purchase or take out a subscription, you will be able to see these details in the App.


With auto-switching you can ask us to switch your account to a new gas and electricity provider in an automated way as your existing rate comes to an end, typically after 12 months of you starting a new contract. This means that you won’t have to perform a new search yourself and you are always guaranteed to achieve a minimum of £50 annual saving on your existing rate. This is likely to provide you with an even greater saving over the rate you’d move to if you were to be put on a standard variable rate by your existing provider.

How does auto-switching work?

  1. After switching gas and electricity supplier with us, you tell us that you would like auto-switching activated in your account. You can do this from your App Profile section – Add to profile?
  2. Before your deal comes to an end, we let you know that we’ve found a deal and how much this may save you for the year. We make sure that your details are unchanged, and then we switch you to it.
  3. You don’t have to fill in any forms or do anything, and you are always guaranteed a minimum £50 annual saving over your existing rate.

If, after performing a search of deals in the market, we are unable to find a suitable provider to move you to then we will inform you 3 weeks in advance that no better deal is available through us so that you can take action accordingly, and decide if you want to conduct an independent comparison.

You can sign up to our auto-switching service at any time over the course of your contract.

In order to find you the most suitable deal, we relay on information you provide to us regarding your energy usage, your property and your past energy bills. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is accurate.

Upon the expiry of the initial subscription period your subscription shall renew automatically for an additional period. Your subscription will continue without limitation in time until you decide to terminate the subscription.

You can terminate your subscription and turn off auto-switching at any time by changing your preference in the App or by contacting us using the contact details provided above.

We have to make clear which providers will be considered for this service – i.e. on the basis of commission paid etc. – if limited panel

Consider auto-switching FAQs on the site to answer a broad range of questions – see Look after my bills for examples.

Rewards (ME Expert Ltd) operates a reward scheme for users of our Mobile App who successfully switch energy provider, broadband provider or buy a car or home insurance policy. Rewards consist of Amazon vouchers for a value of £20, one per transaction, and will only be issued for purchases where the comparison journey is initiated via the app. The full Money Expert App Reward Terms & Conditions can be found here.