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Last updated: 18/03/2021 | Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Specialist van insurance policies

With millions of us in the UK driving vans, whether that's for work or for private use, the demand for van insurance is high. But not all vans are the same. The types of van we drive and the different uses we have for them mean that there's not just one insurance policy that works for everyone.

Whether you're delivering high value goods for customers or your own tools for your job, or if you're under 25 or even a convicted driver, this guide will help you to figure out which van insurance policy is right for you.

In This Guide:

Types of specialist van insurance

Private Van Insurance

Not everybody uses their van for business or work purposes. If you drive a van for your own personal or social needs, or just purely for pleasure, then you should get private van insurance. You need to be careful with this type of policy and stick to the rules, as if you're caught using your van for anything other than private use then your policy could become invalidated and you will not receive a pay-out when it comes to making a claim.

Business Van Insurance

If you drive a van for your business, transporting tools or goods, then you need to get a business van insurance policy. This will cover you and your business in the event of an accident or robbery and is now required by law even if you don't drive your van but only use it for storage. When applying for business van insurance, you will have a pre-agreement of any mileage limits, as the less you drive the lower risk you are. Driving less will lower your premium. You will also need to declare how many people will be working with the van, and if your van is usually parked in different locations - which would mean a higher risk of theft.

Courier Van Insurance

If you drive your van for work, specifically for delivering packages or any valuable goods to customers, then you should get courier van insurance. These policies come with different levels of cover but will often cover the goods you're transporting in case they are lost, stolen or damaged. You will need to declare which type of items you are carrying in your van for your policy to be valid. The higher the value of the goods, then the higher your premiums will be.

Monthly Van Insurance

We all know how much car insurance can set us back, and it's not different when insuring our vans. It often costs more. Paying for your van insurance for the year in one lump sum can be very expensive and sometimes unaffordable, so it could be worth getting a monthly van insurance policy. These let you spread the cost of your annual insurance over 12 monthly instalments, helping you to keep control of your finances. However, you will be charged interest on a monthly van insurance policy, so the total amount you pay over the year will be more in total than if you paid it all at once.

Short Term Van Insurance

Some of you may not need your van regularly for work, and only need to drive one for a short amount of time. In this case, there's no point in paying for a whole years' worth of insurance. Luckily, there are short term van insurance policies available, which allow you to take out a policy from anything between a few days to a few months. They are flexible policies and allow you to pay one lump sum for just amount of time you need.

Van Insurance for Young Drivers

Drivers aged 25 or under are seen as higher risk by the insurance companies, as they are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents than older drivers. That means that young drivers not only get hit by higher car insurance premiums, but often have to pay a lot more for their van insurance too. If you're a young driver and want to use your van for either work or pleasure, you should compare van insurance prices when looking for the best deal. There are even some insurers that specialise in van insurance for young drivers. Finding the cheapest van insurance deals available over some of the more expensive ones can save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Van Insurance for Convicted Drivers

If you thought young drivers had it bad when it comes to van insurance, convicted drivers can see their premiums skyrocket. Some providers may even refuse to insure you, depending on the severity of the conviction. But if you are convicted of either a motoring or criminal offence, then don't let that put you off finding the best deal available. Some companies specialise in providing insurance for convicted drivers, and with a little bit of searching around you could find a policy that could save you hundreds of pounds. Even if it's proving difficult, don't give up, as driving without insurance will lead to another conviction if caught, and will make it even harder to get back on the road in the future.