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Last updated: 23/07/2020 | Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

How to keep your van secure

As most vans are often used for business related activities, keeping them secure is your number one priority as a van owner. Ranging from free changes to expensive security updates, there are a huge variety of options available when trying increase security. Our guide will take you through the different choices you can make, which will not only increase the security of your vehicle but can even lower your van insurance premiums as well.

In This Guide:

Van alarm system

Most vans will come with a basic alarm system. However if you don’t feel this is good enough, you can compare van alarms to find that one that suits your needs. Make sure to check with your insurer as you could be in line for a discount with the right alarm. Alarms such as Thatcham CAT1 alarm could be useful in this instance. This is one of the most expensive alarm systems on the market but you get what you pay for, and are incredibly effective at deterring thefts.

Keep your van locked

This may seem obvious but it is so crucial that it’s worth repeating here. Under no circumstances should you leave your van unlocked and unattended. There are many opportunistic thieves out there and you do not want to learn this lesson the hard way.


Quite simply, where you park your car can have a big impact on its security. If you were to keep your van in a locked garage or even on a driveway, you can enhance your security and maybe even lower the cost of your insurance.


Consider putting the logo of your company on the side of your van. A police patrol car will be more likely to notice if a van with a logo goes missing, and they are more easily located should it be stolen.

Change locks

There are multiple different locks you can get for your van so it’s important to compare them before you buy so you purchase the right one for your needs:

External locks

In addition to to central locking you could install specific external locks to your wheels or your fuel caps so that you can make sure they are safe.

Door locks

If your business requires you to enter and exit your van continuously, it might be worth investing in a specific door lock. These can include:

  • Slam locks - these are devices which lock your van automatically when you leave it. These are useful if you are using your van for multi-drop and have to constantly enter and exit your van.
  • Deadbolts - these vary depending on the type of deadbolt that you purchase. Essentially they are devices which are tamper proof and work by putting a bolt into a receiver fitted to the opposite section of the car body.
  • Armaplate - protection plates which work by surrounding the vulnerable lock and make them more secure. Not only deter thieves but also make the cost of repair smaller in the case of theft and damage to the lock.

Catalytic Convertor Lock

The catalytic convertor in a van contains precious metals that can be sold on with relative ease. This makes them a target for thieves so you might want to pick up a catalytic convertor lock.

Window tints and grills

Slight changes to your windows can make all the difference. By tinting them, you make the contents less visible and therefore deter opportunists. Steel window grills will offer a physical deterrent as well as a visual one.


You could install a GPS tracker in your Van so you can locate it at all times. This is a more costly option but if you are worried about your van being stolen it will give you peace of mind. Make sure to check with a security expert before you purchase a GPS tracker as some are more reliable than others. A black box or telematics device can help keep track of your van as well as monitoring 

Empty contents

Taking your contents out of your van overnight, and putting a sign saying you do so, can deter theft. Further, most insurance policies will not cover your contents overnight so it would be in your best interest to take them out.

UV pens

It could be worth marking your tools with a UV pen. These markings will be invisible to the naked eye, but will show up if a UV light is shone on them. This is a useful way of tracking down your tools should they be stolen.