PRESS RELEASE: We're all going Green(land) - Environmental impact of lockdown revealed


November 2020

PRESS RELEASE: We're all going Green(land) - Environmental impact of lockdown revealed

GROUNDED Brits unable to fly off on holiday this summer have reduced their carbon footprint by an astonishing half a ton...the equivalent of a trip to Greenland for everyone. 

A new study shows the unintentional eco benefits of 2020’s coronavirus restrictions, including that cancelled trips have saved enough CO2 emissions for a 2000-mile flight per person. 

Research for comparison website Money Expert shows that 41% of Brits say COVID and the lockdowns have made them more conscious of their carbon footprint.   

London leads the charge with 41% saying they have actively increased their eco efforts this year. 

According to the stats, the second lockdown has encouraged 22% of individuals to become more conscious of their bad habits around the house and to be more environmentally friendly - with 63% of us intending to recycle more waste over the Christmas period.  

A positive change to come from the pandemic and forecasted to help tackle the impact of unnecessary waste from wrapping paper to our food. From half of us (49%) now turning down the thermostat to others choosing to limit water usage, the number of Brits aware of their carbon footprint has risen to 60%. An encouraging increase from pre-lockdown, which stood at just half (45%).   

A number of Brits are taking it that one step further with 26% changing household providers to green energy suppliers and over half (58%) aiming to cut down plastic use at home.  

Money Experts Jason Smith comments that “This year has been a real eye-opener; It’s made us more conscious of the impact of our homes on our finances and on the environment. Now is a great time to be swapping to a greener energy company, not only to see if you can improve the efficiency of your home and stop squabbling over the thermostat. But also, so that we can continue to keep the momentum in this green wave we are experiencing”  



Notes to Editors:  

Money Expert is a leading, independent money comparison site and has been operating since 2003. Money Expert has helped over one million customers across energy, insurance, broadband and financial products.  

About the research: 

An online survey was conducted by Atomik Research among 1,007 respondents from the UK. The research fieldwork took place on 17th November – 18th November 2020. Atomik Research is an independent creative market research agency that employs MRS-certified researchers and abides to MRS code.