Rural Drivers Get Fuel Rebate of 5p-per-litre


March 2015

Rural Drivers Get Fuel Rebate of 5p-per-litre

The European Union have approved a fuel rebate of 5p-per-litre for motorists in rural areas who are enduring the steep cost of petrol. The introduction of this legislation is set to save these drivers roughly £150 per annum. The schemes is to be titled the ìRural Fuel Rebate.î

The 5p-per-litre tax repayment will benefit those motorists from the seventeen most costly rural places for petrol in the United Kingdom. The retailers in the locations where the scheme is applicable will have to register at HM Revenue & Customs in order to reclaim the 5p for each litre.

These locations include the Cumbria postcode of LA17 which comprises of among other places Kirkby-Furness. Furthermore, to be included in the scheme is the postcode of NE38 in Northumberland and this contains the area of Washington which is close to Sunderland.

Moreover, the postcode in EX35 is to harness the fruits of the European Unionís scheme, and this means that Lynton in Devon is one of the places to benefit. Further to this, a number of places in the Scottish Highlands that see their residents suffering terribly from the price of fuel will be able to cash in, whilst Hawes in the area of North Yorkshire is another to profit from it.

In data released to support the ìRural Fuel Rebateî scheme, it has been revealed that it will reduce the cost of unleaded fuel from an average of 110.5p per litre to 104.9p for each litre. Thus, a hypothetical driver that was to put in a full tank each week into the average saloon automobile would save roughly £150.

As the European Union has only just permitted the scheme, it will not be implemented until May 31st 2015. It is forecast to help out 125,000 motorists.

The chief secretary from the Treasury Department was particularly positive about the scheme, and commented on the news: ìI know from experience that cars are a necessity, not a luxury for people living in remote communities, and that petrol in these areas is more expensive.î