Halifax Introduce "Snap to Switch" Service



Halifax Introduce "Snap to Switch" Service

Halifax have created a new way of switching bank accounts by introducing a system that allows users to simply take a photo of their card and upload it in order to change.

Halifax have claimed that they are the first bank to allow such a process to take place and they believe it will help speed up the transition between current accounts. 

The system works by allowing people to use a tablet or smartphone to take a picture of the debit card that they would like to switch.  The card details are then automatically used to fill in the fields of the online form that is required to start the switching process.
ìThe tool significantly cuts the switching application time and enables customers to submit their existing bank details without having to type the information into a form, which can be more time-consuming and awkward,î said a spokesperson for the bank.

Marc Lien is the director of innovation and digital development at Halifax, he stated:

ìOur focus very much remains on continuing to make banking with us quick and simple, including providing easier ways for customers to switch to us. Exploring technology that will help deliver for our customers and enhance our overall capabilities is a real focus for us at the bank.î

The current account switch service has seen a huge rise in the number of people who are changing the bank that they hold their current account with.  Halifax has been one of the most popular banks to switch to with over 250,000 people switching to them within the service's first year.  Earlier this year Halifax said that it was the most switched to bank in the country from July-September 2014, according to figures from the Payments Council.

Halifax's most popular current account has been one which offers a £100 sum for people who switch to it, as long as they close their old account.  It also offers people a £5 reward for every month that they have two direct debits set up, pay in a total of £750 and stay in credit.

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