First Utility Bring Out New One Year Fixed Dual Fuel Deal


August 2015

First Utility Bring Out New One Year Fixed Dual Fuel Deal

There is a new dual fuel deal being offered by the energy supplier First Utility.  The deal, going by the name of "iSave Fixed October 2016 v2 tariff", will cost the average household £890 per year with a direct debit payment.

Any customers who would like to pay by cash or cheque will be charged an additional £2 per month - the equivalent of £24 per year.  If you wish to cancel the deal before the year is up, you will be charged an exit fee of £60.

Almost half of all the households in the UK have never even switched their energy supplier which means they are likely to be paying over the odds for their fuel.  The majority of these customers will be on the "standard" tariff - which are almost always the most expensive tariffs on offer.

On average, energy customers who get their power from one of the "Big Six" energy suppliers pay around £1,237 per year. This is around £347 more expensive than this new deal being offered by First Utility.

Other cheap deals include Extra Energy's one year plan at £893 and the fixed price deal being offered by Sainsbury's energy at £904 per year.

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