Family Investments offers savers help with ISA guide

Beginnerís Guide to ISAs provides savers with clear information they need to choose an ISA product
As the ISA is replaced with the NISA, financial services company Family Investments launches their Beginnerís Guide to ISAs to help potential new savers understand what the changes mean and broaden awareness of one of the UKís most popular savings vehicles.
The intention is that the simpler structure and more generous amounts available to savers should encourage more to start embracing the saving habit - and the Family Investments Beginnerís Guide to ISAs provides a valuable resource for those making that decision.
As Family Investments is aware, unmasking the jargon and clarifying the considerations will give people who have never considered saving in an ISA before the knowledge and understanding they need.  The guide provides a full breakdown of the different savings options available with the NISA and Junior ISA, in simple to understand, plain English, how savers can choose to save their money.
The final decision about how to save will vary for individuals according to personal circumstances, and should always be the individual's choice. Family Investments wants all savers to have a full and clear picture of the choices available to them.
Peter Stevens, Head of Savings and Investments at Family Investments, said of the Beginnerís Guide to ISAs: "Having savings goals for our financial futures allows us to be proactive and take control.  A forward looking, proactive plan will help us to achieve our ambitions and those of our children.
"The Government has made this change in legislation to the NISA and Junior ISA in order to make saving an even more attractive option ñ and we are hugely supportive of the move towards a more informed and empowered public who are encouraged to save or invest in their family's future.
"ISA and Junior ISA products can appear complicated and inflexible and the new rules have, in part, addressed that.  In support, we felt there was still a need for a simple guide detailing the savings options available and further illustrate that ISAs can be straightforward and hassle-free to use.î