‘Darkest days of recessioní over as university graduates see employment prospects boosted

The quantity of employment opportunities for university graduates is expected to increase by a monumental 10.2%, according to the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR).
AGR are collective group of top post-grad employers whose forecast is usually an accurate representation of what is going on in the employment world.
And a survey comprised of 202 of their members across 19 industries has found that a multitude of different industries will have more employment offers available from this year, particularly in computing and telemarketing where it is expected to increase by 40%.
Further enhancement in employment prospects was present in the public sector industry, where a 20% is predicted, the utility niche, where a 17.5% improvement is expected, and the banking sector, where a 16% rise has been forecasted. 
AGR chief executive Stephen Isherwood said: “Given the upturn in the economy, and the slight increase in graduate vacancies recorded last year, we would expect employer predictions to be fairly buoyant for the year ahead, so an expected rise of more than 10% is welcome news.
Despite this, Isherwood has warned that graduates should not take the improving employment landscape for granted and it was up to them to choose a niche that is suited to them, and that they believe they can convince the employer they are right for.
 “Even through the darkest days of the recession our members reported unfilled vacancies because they couldn’t find graduates with the right mix of skills and attributes.
“Graduates need to think carefully about their applications and ensure they understand what a potential employer is looking for.”
Moreover, high school students who have decided not to go to university have also been given a positive forecast for their future by the AGR, where over 50% of the employers who were polled identified that they would be creating a greater number of jobs for people such as these in the future. A further 19% said that they intended to create new employment prospects in the near future, giving a clear sign that a more balanced and superior employment landscape is starting to manifest in the UK.
Isherwood said: “At the moment, it doesn’t appear that employers are replacing graduate vacancies with school leaver vacancies; rather businesses are investing in a range of different programmes to attract and recruit a diverse range of young people ñ from apprenticeships and higher apprenticeships to school leaver training leading to professional qualifications.
“However, it may be something which will begin to take hold in the future and we look forward to finding out in more detail how this section of the recruitment market is changing to meet the demands of UK plc. It is reassuring that many employers continue to invest heavily in emerging talent.”
Universities minister David Willetts said: “The substantial rise in the number of graduate vacancies demonstrates that confidence in the UK economy is growing and businesses really value the skills the UK’s first-rate graduates can bring to their companies.
“A degree is still one of the best routes to a good job and a rewarding career. The increased number of graduates has been met by increased demand from employers, which is why we have made the historic commitment to remove the cap on the number of people who could go to university by 2015-16.”
The AGRís forecast should be regarded in an undeniably positive manner, with the hard strained youth of today finally receiving some good news about their future prospects.
What is alarming is their prediction for the number of law jobs available, as the situation could arise where many law graduates will spend a lot of money acquiring their degree, and may then be forced to move into a different industry that requires an entirely different set of qualifications.
It is important for niches such as these to ensure that all steps are taken during students earlier years to give them the best chance of cracking the niche. Work placements, early applications and interview practice are also recommended for aspiring workers of all industries in order to have the best chance of success. 


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