Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks Offer 2% AER rate on Cash ISA 40 Day Notice Account

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks are offering a competitive 2% AER rate on their Cash ISA 40 Day Notice Account*.

This account provides customers with the opportunity to save, earn interest and still be able to access funds with 40 days notice of withdrawal.

Product Features:

ï Provided customers give at least 40 daysí notice money can be withdrawn without paying a penalty**. Withdrawals without sufficient notice incur a charge.

ï The overall ISA limit for 2014/15 is £15,000*** with the option to save all or some of the full allowance in cash.

ï Tiered rates mean the more saved the higher rate of interest will be earned.

ï Transfer existing cash ISAs from other providers to the Cash ISA 40 Day Notice Account

ï  Only £500 or more is needed to open an account which can be added to through regular payments, a lump sum deposit or both (up to annual limit of £15,000***)

ï Deposits can be made in branch, on the phone or by post.

ï Annual interest is paid directly into account.

Cash ISA 40 Day Notice Account Tiered Interest Rates****:

Amount of Savings   Tax free AER rate (% pa)
£24,000 and over     2.00%
£9,000 - £23,999      1.5%
£1 - £8,999               1.00%

Steve Fletcher, Head of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks Retail Network, said: ìWe are always looking to give our customers the opportunity to maximise the return on their savings. For those that know in advance when they will need to withdraw funds, the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banksí Cash ISA 40 Day Notice Account is a good way to save and earn interest within the tax year.î    

The Cash ISA 40 Day Notice Account can be opened in branch, by post or by phone. For further information on ISAs or other available products, customers can visit any branch, contact 0800 707 6471, (opening hours 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat.) or visit Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank's websites.

*Terms and Conditions apply

** If customers do not give 40 days notice, a charge will apply. The charge is equivalent to 40 days gross interest on the withdrawal amount.

*** The annual ISA limit for 2014/15 is £15,000, with customers having the option to save all or some of their full allowance.

**** Rates are correct as at 3rd March 2015

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