‘50% more breakdowns’ in winter

Motorists are 50 per cent more likely to breakdown during the first three months of the year than at any other time, according to MORE TH>N.

The insurance provider reported that 32 per cent of breakdowns are due to flat batteries, followed by cars unable to start – 15 per cent.

It advised drivers to regularly turn the engine over on cars which are not used regularly and to regularly check anti-freeze levels and tyre, battery and wiper blade condition.

Mike Holliday-Williams, managing director for the firm, commented that leaving a car unused during cold weather can lead to motoring problems.

“Drivers should be aware of the weather conditions when planning a journey, reduce speeds and drive with extra caution. In especially poor conditions, don’t drive unless absolutely necessary,” he added.

Britannia Rescue recently recommended that drivers take out the housecall option on their car insurance which covers people whose car fails to start at home.

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