5 Ways to Make the Most of the January Sales


January 2016

5 Ways to Make the Most of the January Sales

So Christmas is over, your wallet is aching from buying presents for relatives near and far; your stomach is aching from eating enough to feed a small village for a week; and your head is aching from one too many sherries (or from one too many arguments with said relatives near and far).

This can only mean one thing: it 's time to open your wallet back up and head out to take advantage of the second season of sales in as many months.

Now they 're the Boxing day sales, come the 30th of December they 'll be the January sales, but what stays the same is the large amount of money off various items that you may or may not need or want.

As ever, during a season of discounts like this, it 's important to keep your wits about you. We 've put together five top tips that you can follow to make sure that you make the most of these sales and that you come out with a few bargains rather than and overdraft, guilt, and a coat that you 'll never wear.

1. Shop Online

Now this isn 't imperative ñ you are likely to find plenty of great deals in store, but in order to avoid the scrum of a high street during the biggest sale season of the year, we 'd advise staying indoors and getting the bulk of your shopping done on the internet.

More often than not, the best deals you 'll find will be online, and you have the added bonus of being able to browse calmly for whatever it is you 're after without having to make a snap decision to buy something before you get elbowed out of the way by a rival shopper.

2. Newsletters Are Your Friend

If the best way to get great deals is online, then the best way to get the best of those deals is to sign up to newsletters from your favourite shops.

Generally, shops will advertise their sales in advance of their launch, be it with store-wide discounts announced, or even particular items.

Following these can be a great way to prepare yourself so that you know what you want, where to get it, and how much it will cost you to buy.

3. Don 't Get Blinded by the Discount Tag

If the only reason you intend to buy something is because of a large sticker on it saying ë70% off ', then you should probably reconsider spending your money.

50% off £1,000 is still £500. While that might seem obvious, it 's all too easy to get suckered in and blinded by the discounts, ending up with a wardrobe full of clothes you 'll never wear of a 50" TV that doesn 't fit anywhere in your house.

If it 's something you otherwise wouldn 't buy, but has dropped down to within your spending means, then go ahead, but don 't buy things just because they 're cheaper than they once were!

4. Set a Budget and Stick to it!

A very simple way to make sure that you don 't end up with post-sale guilt is to simply set yourself a budget beforehand and make sure you stick to it!

Again, this seems obvious, but its not easy. Setting a budget and starting out with the best intentions is fairly simple, but sticking to it is another story altogether.

If you 're serious about saving money this January, then be harsh with yourself!

5. Preparation is Key!

Now this preparation can take various forms, including all of the above mentioned steps. But it is important not to underestimate the importance of being prepared here.

Make a list of things that you need or want, and don 't go too far from it.

Check the newsletters, make a budget, go shopping with a target in mind. Mindless window shopping during peak sales season can be exciting, but if you 're really interested about pinching those pennies, it can be disastrous!