Have you owned a diesel BMW?

If so, you could be awarded up to £10,000 in compensation under the on-going diesel emissions claim.

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Your claims checklist

You purchased or leased a diesel motor vehicle
It's registered between 2009 and 2016
Registration number
You know the vehicle registration number
You can claim multiple vehicles as an individual or company

Are other vehicles eligible?

As the claim is on-going and not all manufacturers are currently being claimed against, you can join the mailing list with your information including your diesel car details and when other manufacturers become eligible to claim against, you will be notified.

Have you owned a diesel vehicle by a different car manufacturer?

Why make a diesel emissions claim?

You can join a diesel emissions claim if you’ve owned a diesel vehicle that was affected by the ‘dieselgate’ emissions scandal. This involved vehicle manufacturers fitting ‘defeat devices’ with the aim of recording lower emissions during tests. 

What was the wrongdoing?

You may have decided against purchasing the vehicle if you knew that it had a defeat device installed, or you could have ended up selling the vehicle for less. You may have also paid more in diesel over the years than initially suggested by the car maker if your car wasn’t as efficient as advertised. The expert panel of emissions solicitors will look to claim compensation for you. This can cover any damages you might have suffered because of the cheat device, which can include the vehicles having a worse fuel economy than first advertised.

What is diesel gate?

The ‘dieselgate’ emissions scandal began in 2015 when it was discovered that certain manufacturers had programmed some vehicles to intentionally reduce emissions under test conditions to meet legal requirements. Affected vehicles may have released up to 40x the amount of nitrogen oxides that were released during testing, with buyers none the wiser this was the case.

Who is eligible?

If you had a diesel BMW between 2008-2020, try the eligibility checker to see if you can join the claim. You do not need to still have ownership of the car but need to have been the legal owner at some point during this timeframe.

Using the online form to submit your diesel car details, you can find out quickly whether you are eligible to join the emissions compensation claim.

Why claim through Diesel Emission Claims?

Diesel Emission Claims partner with a panel of solicitors with one thing in mind – ensuring the car industry is fairer, safer, greener, and held more accountable for their actions and that you win the compensation you are owed. This panel have years of experience in bringing mis-sold claims in numerous industries and can stand up to car manufacturers and their legal teams, so you don’t have to.

The myemissions.claims solicitor Panel is fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

The solicitor Panel is fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

Work on a no win, no fee basis

Work on a no win, no fee basis

No upfront payments

No upfront payments

Provide updates on your case throughout

Receive updates on your case throughout

Talk to you in clear, simple English

Talk to you in clear, simple English

Provide fair and competitive legal rates if we win your case for you

Receive fair and competitive legal rates if we win your case for you

If you believe you have a diesel emissions claim , insert your registration into the eligibility checker and see how they can help you.

Last reviewed: 1 July 2024

Next review: 1 August 2024