Direct Marketing Policy

Direct Marketing

ME Expert might use personal data for direct marketing purposes in accordance with the Data Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulation and the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations.

Therefore, . On our website, site users/individuals are offered a clear and genuine choice to have their details used for marketing purposes and to be contacted via each of the following channels:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Post

When personal data is shared with third parties, ME Expert asks the consent of site users to share data with other professional advisers (such as financial organisations and advisers, sponsors and advisers).

Individuals/site users can withdraw their consent at any time and object at any time to processing of their personal data for the purpose of direct marketing. ME Expert provides an opt-out option via an unsubscribe link in email or via the editing of the user’s marketing preferences in the preference centre. ME Expert warns individuals of the consequences of opting out and keeps a list of individuals who opted out to demonstrate compliance.

Following the provisions of the GDPR, ME Expert is able to demonstrate that it has obtained valid consent and keeps records of who consented, when, how, and what for. Moreover, ME Expert has adopted retention policies to ensure that personal data for direct marketing is not retained for longer than necessary.

ME Expert handles personal data in a transparent manner:

  • Company name and details are included when marketing activity is conducted by ME Expert through post, email or fax; and
  • Individuals/site users are given a clear and easy to understand privacy policy and are informed about their data subject rights.

ME Expert ensures the security and accuracy of its marketing database:

  • The information it contains is only used for direct marketing purposes;
  • The reliability of the marketing database is assessed through sampling exercises;
  • Any irrelevant or excessive personal data is deleted;
  • Staff with direct marketing responsibilities has been trained to implement and ensure data protection regulations requirements; and
  • ME Experts has adopted procedures for dealing with inaccuracies and complaints.

ME Expert works with a number of Trusted Business Partners to offer the wide range of products and solutions it does across to many areas.  For direct sales and door to door marketing ME Expert is proud to work with Credico Utilities UK, a global brand in this particular type of marketing, it should be noted that for any information submitted to ME Expert in this fashion ME Expert is the Data Controller.

On our website we work with a number of partners, these range from large and established brands, to niche products, we do this to get you the best possible services at the best possible price.  Insurance products are commonly arranged through SEOPA with the QuoteZone brand, as this information is submitted to them by you the consumer, on their website, ME Expert will act as a Data Processor for any data which may be returned, a similar situation is Active Quote and Pacific Financial Service, the companies with whom we’re proud to offer Private Medical Insurance quotes, and debt management solutions respectively; due to the sensitive nature of medical coverage NO Personal Data is returned to ME Expert, if you have consent to it, Pacific Financial Services may return some data to ME Expert for marketing purposes.

A number of other services on our website are market comparison panels where you simply click through and apply directly on the website of the prospective service provider, in these cases ME Expert doesn’t gather ANY Personal Data.

Should a customer come to ME Expert seeking travel money, broadband quotes, will writing services, and credit services they are linked directly to Ace-FX, Broadband Choices, Active Will, or Experian, some data may be returned to ME Expert if a consumer has consented to marketing, otherwise ME Expert does not gather any Personal Data in this transaction, all information captured is conducted by the Partner.

With regards to consumers seeking to switch, or switching their energy supplier, ME Expert offers an OFGEM accredited all of market comparison, from this at present ME Expert is able to offer switching services to the following suppliers: 

  • Avro Energy
  • Boost
  • British Gas
  • Bulb
  • Daligas
  • E.ON Energy
  • EDF Energy
  • Engie
  • Green Energy (UK) plc
  • Green Network Energy
  • Green Star Energy
  • Igloo Energy
  • iSupply Energy
  • Lumo energy
  • Northumbria energy
  • Npower
  • Octopus Energy
  • Orbit Energy
  • OVO Energy
  • PFP Energy
  • ScottishPower
  • Simplicity Energy
  • Shell energy
  • So Energy
  • Spark Energy
  • Symbio Energy
  • Utilita
  • Utility Point
  • Yorkshire Energy
  • Zebra Power

In all of these instances ME Expert is the Data Controller for data input in our system, when a consumer chose to use our services to switch a new supplier that supplier is often a Data Controller for the services applied, ME Expert may act as a Data Processor in this respect, or may work as a Joint Data Controller, this is done to ensure all ME Expert consumers, and members of the Money Expert Rewards Club are afforded the Data Protection afforded in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.