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How much does a funeral cost?

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Last updated: 02/02/2023 | Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

A funeral is a cost that one that no one wants to think about, but we can remain fairly sure it will happen to everyone at some point. Funerals are notoriously expensive, and without the proper financial support they can become a real burden at an already difficult time for a family.

Costs will vary but it is important to understand the factors that come into play to make sure that you can plan appropriately and ensure the process is financially manageable.

In This Guide:

The Average Cost of a Funeral

As with anything, the cost will be dependent on a variety of factors and will essentially boil down to how much time you can afford for planning and how much you are willing to spend. One of the main elements is exactly what type of funeral you want to have. According to life insurance provider SunLife, the average cremation is around £1,000 cheaper than the average burial, which depending on what the deceased requested could make the cost far more manageable. While the manner in which the deceased is handled is of course a large factor in the overall cost, there are other expenses which you will need to consider

What other factors are involved?

  • Location: As with almost any kind of event, location will dramatically alter the cost of the ceremony as the price for where you want to pay your respects will be far higher in some areas than others. Unsurprisingly, the cost of having a funeral in London far outweighs anywhere else, and burials in the capital can be two or three times more expensive than other parts of the country. Having the time to call around a few different locations may be a good idea, as you will find some nearby locations could have drastically different costs.
  • Funeral Director: Going for a funeral director will also drive the costs up massively. While some might find that having someone organising the funeral extremely helpful at what will be a challenging time, being able to plan it yourself will save money. This means that planning ahead for either your own or someone else’s funeral can be a sensible idea. Funeral directors will also offer different levels of service, so you may find that some will suit your needs better than others.
  • Capacity: As is the case with any kind of event, you will find that the cost will change depending on how many people you are catering for and what sort of food and drink you want to have on offer. If you are having a small ceremony for 10-15 people and hold a wake within your own home, then the entire funeral can probably be done for a reasonable amount. But if you want a large event for 60 individuals, then you are of course likely to spend far more money.

Paying for a Funeral

Most people will use some money set aside from the deceased person's estate to go towards funeral costs. If someone died of old age or a long term illness, then there is always a strong chance that they would have put some money aside to ensure that their family did not have to bear the brunt of the cost.

In some instances, you can get help from the government in the form of a Funeral Expenses Payment, which will generally be dependent on whether or not you are a benefits claimant. The funeral expenses payment is unlikely to cover the entire cost of the funeral, but may just help to make it more manageable. In the instance that there are no family or friends available to pay for the service, then local authorities will sometimes step in to ensure that the deceased are sent off appropriately.


Can life insurance cover funeral costs?

Life insurance will ensure that for the duration of your policy, if you die then the claimant will receive a lump sum. This means that this money could be used to cover the cost of the funeral without it directly paying out for that purpose

Can you get funeral insurance?

Yes you can, as with almost anything there is a type of cover that will ensure that those close to you will not have to pay out of their own pocket to cover funeral expenses. These will often be available from a funeral directors who can also handle the logistics of the ceremony, potentially taking out a large amount of stress from those who would be organising it.


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