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Current Account

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Make Sure You Get the Right Current Account

Current accounts are the most common type of bank account used here in the UK for everyday banking.

Nowadays, with more and more different current accounts on the market, it's important to make sure you're as clued up as possible, so have a look through our guides to find out everything you need to know.

Compare Current Accounts

You'll most likely use your current account for all of your day to day banking.

Let Money Expert help you find one that best suits your needs.

  •   Range of Choice
    Current accounts come in many shapes and sizes - some free, some paid; some basic, some with added extras. We'll compare a range of different types for you.
  •   Choose How You Compare
    Everyone has different needs, so you can choose to compare current accounts by anything from interest rates to overdraft limits.
  •   Free & Impartial
    Our comparison service is completely free and we're not tied to any provider so what you see is exactly what you get.