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Last updated: 23/07/2020 | Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Credit card offers and deals

These days adverts for special offers and deals on credit cards are everywhere. The wealth of attractive looking deals on offer can make it hard to pick the right one.

We’ll help you work out which deals are actually as good as they look, and how to get the ones that are.

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Are the offers advertised as good as they look?

Whenever you look for a credit card nowadays you’re likely to be swamped by card providers claiming to offer various great deals and introductory bonuses when you sign up with them.

But how good actually are the deals on offer? And will the deals you actually get be as good as those advertised?

The most common deals you will see are generally focused around introductory periods of 0% interest on purchases or balance transfers.

Many credit card providers will advertise their cards as coming with an introductory period of up to 30 months with 0% interest charged on purchases. However, when you actually come to apply for these cards, you’ll often find that the 0% interest period you get offered is significantly less than the 30 months advertised.

Your credit rating will play a big part in the kind of deals you actually get offered when you apply for your new credit card.

In the following section we’ll explain what kinds of things you can do to improve your chances of getting the best deals possible.

How to get the best credit card deals

As a general rule, the better your credit rating, the better the credit card you’ll be able to take out.

This is relevant whether or not you plan to take advantage of any special introductory offers that are being advertised.

You will never be able to know exactly what kind of deal you’ll be able to get until you actually apply.

However, having an excellent credit score is a good way to set yourself up to get the best out of any card you do apply for.

Not only will the length of any interest free introductory bonus period depend on things like your credit score, but so too will the basic APR you’re offered, whether or not it’s part of a special deal.

Compare credit cards online

While you won’t be able to tell exactly what kind of rates and deals you’ll be able to take advantage of until you actually come to apply, you can see what kind of representative offers are available by comparing different credit cards online.

Use our free credit card comparison service to find the best cards on the market in each category.