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Health Insurance, also known as Private Medical Insurance, or PMI, covers the private treatment cost of
treatable illnesses and injuries.

With Private Medical Insurance you avoid long NHS queues and get to choose your own hospital and consultant, where you will receive top treatment from the comfort of your own en-suite hospital room.

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Why take out child private medical insurance?
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Avoid Queues

One of the major benefits of private healthcare is that you'll be able to avoid lengthy NHS waiting lists when you do need treatment

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Choose Your Hospital

You'll get to choose to be treated at your preferred hospital, and to be seen by your preferred constultant.

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Get Your Own Space

If you do have to staty in hospital overnight, you'll have a nice, clean room all to yourself to stay in.

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How much can private medical insurance for children cover cost?

There are many policies out there and its important to understand what is covered, any exclusions and the price of all policies before taking them out. Ways to keep the cost of your child private medical insurance down include: 

  • Paying a higher excess will bring down the cost of your premium. However, be mindful of this cost should you need to make a claim. 

  • Reducing your chosen hospital list. Cutting down your choice of private hospitals might lower your premium or get you a discount but narrows down your choices for treatment should you need treatment. 


  • Adding a ‘six-week clause’ – some policies only let you claim if you can’t get the same treatment on the NHS within six weeks. This could help you get a cheaper premium.

  • Alternatively, you can buy a family policy and add your children on. This could work out cheaper than insuring everyone individually, so it’s worth comparing

What is child private medical insurance?

Child private medical insurance covers children typically up to 18 years old. Taking out private medical insurance allows your child to be seen and treated more quickly whilst avoiding any long NHS waiting lists. Different types of cover available include: 


  • Inpatient-only plans. These only cover your child for treatment in a hospital.

  • Plans that include outpatient treatment. These more comprehensive plans will also cover private care for your child as an outpatient.


What does child private medical insurance cover?

What does child private medical insurance cover? 

Private medical cover isn’t a replacement for the NHS and your child can certainly still access their care for free. Depending on what level of cover you take out, basic policies will cost less but may only cover inpatient treatment. However, a more expensive comprehensive private medical insurance policy could cover: 

  • Inpatient treatment 

  • Specialist treatment options that are not available through the NHS 

  • Private accommodation – including accommodation for parents of children under 16 so you can stay with your child or nearby 

  • Outpatient care including follow up tests, scans etc. 

  • Physiotherapy 

  • Mental health issues  

  • Advice 


Add ons may also be available which would cover: 


  • Dental care

  • Eye care 

  • Physiotherapy 

  • Homeopathy 

  • Mental health support

For a full list of exclusions, click here.

What doesn'tChild Private Medical Insurance Cover?

Its important to check the T&C’s of any policy you are about to take out. Many private medical insurance policies for children will have exclusions such as: 


  • Pre-existing conditions (you may need to sign a declaration or have you child undergo a health check) 

  • Chronic conditions like diabetes or arthritis 

  • Kidney dialysis 

  • Organ transplants 

  • Injuries caused by dangerous sports or activities 

  • Hearing aids 

  • Mobility aids 

  • Cosmetic treatment 


Its important to note that you can't go private for everything. For example, A&E trips are not covered but the NHS will be able to treat your child on these occasions.

Optional Extras

Types of optional added cover available include, but are not limited to:

This would cover you for any dental treatment, as well as regular check ups.

Alternative Cover

Alternatives to PMI that might be better suited to your needs include: