Multi-car breakdown cover

Cover multiple cars with a single policy to save money

Cover multiple cars with a single policy to save money

Give yourself peace of mind in the event of a breakdown

Give yourself peace of mind in the event of a breakdown

Recommended by 94 of users**

Recommended by 94 of users**

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Do you own more than one car? Consider multi-car breakdown cover - it can save you money over separate policies!

If you have more than one car, or have multiple people with cars at your address, multi-car breakdown cover can offer you the peace of mind of being protected, as well as save you money overall.

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What is multi-car breakdown cover?

Multi-car breakdown cover allows for up to five vehicles (some providers may allow more) to be covered under one policy. Having multi-car breakdown cover ensures that you and your family are all protected for a lower overall cost.

Most car insurance providers will only consider multi-car cover for family members or individuals registered at the same address as the main policy holder. However, some will consider covering vehicles belonging to children who are studying away at university.

Unlike additional driver and family breakdown insurance policies, multi-car breakdown cover is better suited to those with more vehicles registered to one address. However, some providers will have variations of multi-car cover for families and additional drivers also. When taking out a multi-car breakdown policy, ensure you check whether you are getting the correct cover for your vehicle or for additional individuals at your address.

Types of multi-car breakdown cover

As with traditional breakdown cover, you have two distinct types of cover and ways of claiming.

  • Insurance breakdown cover - Where you pay upfront for the services required and claim back via your provider, normally with an excess fee attached.
  • Traditional breakdown cover - Depending on your policy arrangement, your breakdown costs will be covered in part or full by the amount you pay annually for your cover.

What is included in multi-car breakdown cover?

As with standard breakdown policies, what you are covered for depends on the offer you take and the terms of the contract. There are some key cover areas to be mindful of when taking out a multi-car breakdown policy:

  • Vehicle/national recovery - Allows you to select a location across the country for your car to be towed to should it not be able to be fixed at the roadside
  • Roadside assistance - Your provider will send a mechanic to you should you breakdown whilst on the road. If your vehicle can not be repaired there and then, the provider will arrange for it to be sent to a garage.
  • At home breakdown - If your car fails to start or is damaged at your address (often up to 100 metres away) a mechanic will be sent to you. Some providers will also offer a courtesy vehicle should yours need further repairs.

In most cases, the cover you chose will apply to all vehicles under the multi-car policy, providing they meet requirements outlined in the terms and conditions.

How much does multi-car breakdown cover cost?

How much you pay for your multi-car breakdown policy will depend on the number of cars under the policy; the more cars covered under the policy, the lower the amount paid per car compared with individual policies.

The cost of multi-car breakdown policies can also vary depending on the level of cover you take out, with extra cover for things such as lost keys and misfuelling raising the premiums.

The cost of the vehicles under the policy, as well their model and age, can also affect your overall premiums as more expensive and older cars cost more to cover.

Compare multi-car breakdown cover

If you have more than one vehicle or have a family with multiple cars at one address; multi-car cover may be a cost-effective solution to your breakdown insurance. Compare multi-car breakdown cover with Money Expert to find a policy that works for your household.

Last reviewed: 1 May 2024

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