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What is misfuelling insurance?

Putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle can cause serious damage, as well as costing a fortune to fix. Misfuelling insurance covers you in the event of such a mistake.

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What does misfuelling insurance cover?

When you put the wrong fuel into your vehicle, your petrol or diesel tank will need to be drained and then cleaned, requiring specialised equipment. Misfuelling insurance covers you for this, and sometimes even reimburses you for the incorrect fuel you bought.

But beyond this, misfuelling seriously harms your engine, particularly if you put petrol into a diesel vehicle. Expect your car to smoke, choke or cut out entirely – and that’s if your engine even starts. You may even need to replace your vehicle’s entire fuel system, which isn’t cheap.

Some – not all – misfuelling insurance policies will cover for this under their accidental damage clause.

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What’s excluded from misfuelling insurance?

Some insurers won’t cover you for damage to your fuel system and engine if you’ve driven away before realising you’ve misfuelled. In fact, of the vast pool of car insurance providers in the UK, over half exclude misfuelling from their accidental damage cover.

By contrast, others will insure against accidental damage, but won’t cover tank draining and cleaning, nor reimbursement of funds.

You will need to carefully check your policy documents to see exactly what’s covered by your misfuelling insurance. If you want the works, then be prepared to pay a higher premium.

Is misfuelling insurance included in my car insurance policy?

Misfuelling cover typically isn’t included in standard car insurance policies, even fully comprehensive ones. That’s why it’s most often referred to as an optional extra.

If you’re concerned about misfuelling – which happens more often in the UK than you might think – then it’s worth your time to take out specialist misfuelling insurance, or look out for one of the few car insurance policies that include it as standard.

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