Instant car insurance

Get cover today

Get cover today

Compare quotes in minutes

Compare quotes in minutes

Save up to £530 on your car insurance*

Save up to £530 on your car insurance*

Compare quotes now and take out cover instantly.

Compare car insurance policies now and get instant cover with Money Expert.

In this day and age, having more or less anything instantly available at the click of a button has moved away from the realm of futuristic technology and is now more or less expected.

Thanks to companies like Money Expert, we can now count car insurance as one of the many commodities and services available instantly at your fingertips.

In This Guide:

Compare insurance online

With Money Expert, you can find the cheapest car insurance deals on the market in a matter of minutes, just by filling in simple form letting us know what kind of cover you’re after.

By comparing online, we’ve found that customers typically find policies over £200 cheaper than those they’d get if they went straight to providers themselves.

We’ll compare quotes from a panel of 36 of the market leaders in car insurance, trawling through the best policies available so that you can find the cover you need at a price that you want.

Our figures show that in over half of cases, customers who compare with Money Expert get the cheapest deals on standard car insurance quotes when compared to other price comparison sites

Instant car insurance on your mobile or tablet

Money Expert’s website and comparison tool are totally mobile and tablet friendly. This means that you can make savings on your car insurance wherever you are.

You could save yourself money on your insurance and find yourself more than £200 better off while on the train to work – something that’s sure to brighten up a Monday morning!

Avoid brokers and agents

By comparing quotes with Money Expert, you can avoid the need to deal with insurance brokers and in doing so save yourself money on commission charged.

You can also skip past insurance agents who, while they will find you good deals, are restricted to finding policies from a single provider for whom they work.

So if you want a wide range of options and solid, reliable savings without the hassle, comparing with Money Expert is the way to go.

How to keep costs of car insurance down

Before you compare quotes and benefit from instantly available car insurance, there are a few things you should know in order to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

You may already have a car you want to insure, but if you’re yet to buy one, you should be aware that the choice you make will have a significant bearing on the price of the policies available to you.

Once you’ve purchased your car, you’ll want to look at the variety of different policy types available that might save you money.

You could opt for a black box policy, whereby a small tracking device is installed in your car, monitoring aspects of your driving like mileage, speed and regularity of braking. This information is used to build up a profile of you as a driver and, if you can demonstrate that you are driving responsibly, you’ll find your premiums drastically reduced. These policies are particularly popular among younger drivers, frustrated by the sky high premiums they get offered based on unfortunate statistics about the number of accidents caused by 17-25 year olds.

You might also want to consider named driver insurance, sharing a policy and a car with someone else and potentially reducing the cost of premiums for both of you. There are things to be wary of with named driver insurance though, primarily that it is important that whoever is down as the main driver is actually the main driver.

Last reviewed: 1 July 2024

Next review: 1 August 2024