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Last updated: 05/06/2024 | Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Broadband without a landline

Even though most of us don’t use a landline anymore, many of us pay for them as part of our broadband packages. If you’re looking to save money on your broadband connection you may not want to pay line rental, but is it worthwhile to find another option?

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Broadband without a phone line

It’s possible to get broadband without a phone line however you will have to find an alternative connection.

An ADSL broadband connection is the most widely available in the UK. However, it’s delivered via copper telephone wires meaning that you will have to pay line rental for access to the internet.

If you want to access broadband without a landline, you will need to choose an alternative connection. You can use a  service to find out what is available in your area.

How can I get broadband without a phone line?

By 2025, broadband without a landline could be the norm, but for now it’s relatively unusual and often more expensive. However, there are still options for broadband without line rental.

Your main options for broadband without a phone line are mobile broadband, full-fibre broadband and satellite broadband. These all have different pros and cons so it’s worth considering which may work for you before signing a contract.

Mobile broadband

If you use the internet only occasionally, and mostly for checking emails or messaging friends, then .

Mobile broadband works using a USB dongle, data-only SIM or a Wi-Fi hotspot from your phone. It means you can connect wirelessly via 4G and will have all the capabilities of a normal internet connection. It’s best to check coverage maps before committing to a mobile broadband contract.

Mobile broadband does come with limits though. You are unlikely to be able to stream films or TV using mobile broadband and if you are a frequent internet user, you could find mobile broadband incredibly expensive. Be wary of download limits too! Exceeding these could be very expensive.

Satellite broadband

Satellite broadband can be another great option if you cannot access the internet through your phone line. It’s particularly useful for remote homes where broadband without a phone line is essential.

To have satellite broadband you will need a satellite dish installed at your home, and this can be quite expensive. You should also watch out for download limits which are less common with other packages, and you are likely to suffer from lag which could limit your internet use.

Fibre optic broadband

If you need fast broadband without a landline then fibre-optic is really your only option. Virgin Media is currently the only major supplier of broadband without a phone line. This is because it operates on its own cable network which is separate from Openreach.

A super-fast broadband connection without paying line rental is often very expensive. It may save you money to pay line rental, even if you don’t use your landline. However, if you cannot access the internet through a phone line, and you need a fast connection, you can still compare the  for your home.

Is broadband without line rental cheaper?

Broadband without line rental can be cheaper if your internet use is fairly limited. If you use it very rarely and don’t stream any media, then mobile or satellite broadband could save you money.

However, if you use your connection all day, or like to watch videos or game online, then a faster broadband connection without a download limit may well be essential. In this case, broadband without line rental is likely to be far more expensive than paying for a landline.

Just because you’re not paying line rental, doesn’t mean you’re saving money! If lowering your broadband costs is your motive, you can using Money Expert’s comparison tool to find a cheaper deal.

Broadband only deals

Some providers advertise broadband only deals. Be wary of these! Virgin Media is currently the only provider offering broadband only deals without a line rental and it can be much more expensive.

In most cases, if you are not paying line rental as part of your broadband package, you will have to pay it to BT Openreach! Don’t be caught out by clever advertising.

If you don’t have access to broadband with a phone line, for example because you live in a very remote area, you can still try to find the best deal for you.