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Are you considering taking out a loan, credit card, mortgage or mobile phone? If so, you may want to know what your credit report contains. MoneyExpert has teamed up with Experian CreditExpert, the UK’s leading online credit monitoring service with award-winning customer services. Access your credit report using a 30 day trial of their CreditExpert service. (A monthly fee of £14.99 applies after trial period.).

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What is a credit report?

You may not know it but the chances are that you have a credit report. This is a personal history of your credit, including mortgages, credit cards and loans to catalogue accounts and even mobile phone contracts.

It provides a snapshot of credit accounts, your repayment record and how well you are coping. Lenders use it when they decide what kind of deal to offer you – or whether to turn you down.

You can see your credit report for free with CreditExpert.

The more you know about what your report contains, how it’s used and what you can do to improve it, the better your chances of getting the credit you need.

What is a credit score?

Responsible lenders want to know that you can comfortably afford to manage any new borrowing, so they calculate a credit score that helps them to assess the chances that you will be able to repay what you owe.

To do this, they take information from two main sources — your credit report and your credit application form. If you are an existing or past customer, they will also use their experience of how you’ve managed repayments in the past.

What does your credit score mean?

The higher your Experian Credit Score, the better your chances of getting good credit.

  • Very Poor: 0 to 560
  • Poor: 561 to 720
  • Fair: 721 to 880
  • Good: 881 to 960
  • Excellent: 961 to 1000

How well will you score?

You can get an idea of how you might get on by taking a free trial of CreditExpert, where you’ll find lots of advice and tips on improving your credit rating. You can also order your Experian Credit Score for just £14.99. It won’t be identical to a score calculated by a lender, because it’s based only on your Experian credit report but it will give you some insight into the impact your credit history might have when lenders score you.

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