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If you're struggling with multiple debts and are looking for a simple way to manage your finances and arrange a monthly payment plan tailored to your needs, then a Debt Management Plan could be just what you need.

We at Money Expert can introduce you to a trusted business partner who may be able to arrange for you to pay one simple payment each month which we'll distribute among your creditors.

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Debt Management

How will a debt management plan help me?

A Debt Management Plan will help you manage all of your current debt by working out a monthly payment plan designed specifically to fit with your financial means.

By consolidating your payments into one, affordable monthly payment, you can relieve yourself of the pressures of having to pay back multiple debts at once. Generally, though not always, your creditors will freeze the interest and penalties on your debts so that your reducing your monthly payment doesn't have significant adverse effects in the long run on the amount you need to pay back.

With a Debt Management Plan, you can take control of all of your current debt without needing to take out any more credit, as you would with, say, a debt consolidation loan

Applying for debt management

Applying for a Debt Management Plan is easy via Money Expert. Simply fill in the form and our trusted business partner will start by offering debt management advice based on your situation.

From there they can set up a Debt Management Program for you, involving one simple monthly payment, tailored to fit with your disposable income. Our advice requires no obligation from you, and could set you up to start taking control of your finances within minutes.

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Pros and cons of Debt Management

Debt Management: Reduce your monthly payments

  • Clear your debts with one affordable monthly payment which is based on what you can afford
  • Take control of your debts without another loan and further increasing your indebtedness
  • In most cases creditors stop interest and penalty charges whilst you repay your debts
  • Repaying debts over a longer period may increase the total amount to be paid
  • Your credit rating will be affected for 6 years which may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future
  • Debt Management is an informal agreement creditors may still pursue default actions and creditors may not agree to stop interest and charges

The Debt Management Process

  1. Fill in your details for no obligation debt advice introduction

    Here at Money Expert we're committed to helping people escape the control that debt can have over their lives through our trusted business partners. First and foremost, head on over to our Debt Management application page and fill in the short form.

  2. Receive debt management plan built around your individual needs

    The idea of a Debt Management Plan is that the monthly payment figure settled on should be one which fits perfectly within your means; so that you pay off as much as you can afford each month and not more.

    In order to reach this figure, our debt management business partner will conduct a financial review with you by going over your income and expenditure and working out how much you can afford to pay. From this, a monthly figure is agreed upon between us and you.

  3. Simplify your debts into one smaller monthly payment

    Having conducted a financial review, and tailored a Debt Management Plan to your means, you can begin to pay off your debts. Each month, you pay the agreed amount which is then distributed among your creditors.

    As this monthly rate could be lower than what you are currently paying, you may be in debt for longer and may end up paying back more due to interest. However, a Debt Management Plan remains a fairly popular solution to the problem of multiple debts if you want to avoid declaring bankruptcy or taking out any further loans.

  4. Fees On A Debt Management Plan.

    If after initial discussion with our trusted business partner you feel a debt management plan would be the best route for you, Immediate Financial, our trusted business partner will set things up. On their standard debt management plan there are no set up fees. All you pay is a maximum fixed monthly payment of £38.50 or 50% of your disposable income whichever is lower.

    For more information see their:

  5. What debt management fees cover

    Your monthly management fee payable to our trusted business partner Immediate Financial pays for the day to day running of your plan, provision of a dedicated Client Liaison Officer, dealing with queries for you or your creditors, dealing with post you receive, distribution of your payment to your debts and carrying out periodic reviews.

The Benefits of a Debt Management plan.

The main benefit of a Debt Management Plan is that it allows you to pay off all of your current debt much more easily and while still managing to maintain a normal standard of living. Generally, the length of time that you are in debt will increase, but the impact the debt has on your daily life will be reduced significantly.

As mentioned above, another significant benefit of a Debt Management Plan is that it is one of the few debt solutions which does not require you to take out any more credit of any kind. While taking out another loan can be helpful, as with a Debt Consolidation Loan, many see a Debt Management Plan as a more prudent option, and would rather escape debt altogether than take out one loan to pay off others.

While a Debt Management Plan and its conditions are not legally binding upon your creditors, they will still generally stop any interest or penalty charges while you are repaying your debt. This means that extending the amount of time you spend paying back what you owe should not put you at much (if at all) of a disadvantage in terms of the amount you actually pay back.

Disadvantages of a debt management plan cases

Customers join a debt management plan when they can no longer afford their contractual monthly payments to their creditors. Many people who come to us will already have missed payments and adversely affected their credit file. When Immediate Financial renegotiate payments to a level you can afford it is likely that you will have defaults placed against you which will affect your credit file for six years making it harder to obtain credit even when your debts are cleared.

When a creditor does not receive the contractual payment they may put interest and charges on your debt. In the majority of cases we will negotiate with creditors to freeze any charges. However this cannot be guaranteed and in some cases creditors will continue adding to the debt. Immediate Financial will always endeavor to stop this when it occurs.

By paying reduced payments to your creditors it will take you longer to repay your debt. We will always strive to give you a clear estimate of the likely timescale of your plan.

Is Debt Management Right For Me?

If you are looking to pay off multiple debts without drastically changing your lifestyle and would rather not take out an extra loan to do so, then applying for a Debt Management Plan cold be right move for you.

In order to qualify for a Debt Management Plan, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You must be indebted to at least two creditors
  • This debt must be to the value of at least £2,500
  • You must have a disposable income of at least £80
  • Your disposable income must be lower than your contractual payment

If these points apply to you, and you are looking for a way to take control of your debt, then we'll make sure we set up the best Debt Management Plan we can for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there debt management solutions available for people with bad credit?

You should still be able to apply for a Debt Management Plan if you have a bad credit rating, so long as you still have the appropriate level of income. Your Debt Management Plan will however most likely show up in your credit history for a minimum period of six years and be seen as a negative point by any potential future creditors, making it more difficult for you to get a loan or credit card in the future.

Will MoneyExpert charge for debt management advice?

Immediate Financial charges fees as explained in their Terms and Conditions. However, they do not charge for the initial call where they provide you with an assessment of your current position, advise on whether a debt solution would be suitable for you, and if so which product would be most appropriate.

Debt Management Fees

Is a debt plan legally binding?

A Debt Management Plan is not legally binding, and so your creditors are not required by law to freeze your interest or any penalties you may incur. However, because of Immediate Financial reputation and experience, they are more often than not able to negotiate to have interest rates frozen.

How many creditors will my plan cover?

There is no set limit to the number of debts a Debt Management Plan can cover, but the details of each case are worked out on a case by case basis. Therefore, if your income is vastly disproportionate to the amount you owe, you may have trouble getting a plan agreed upon.

Am I obliged to enter into an agreement after receiving advice?

No, you are not obliged to enter into any contract or agreement until you choose to. Immediate Financial initial advice comes with no fees and no obligation required.

Can I change the amount I am paying each month?

Yes, the amount you pay will be calculated as the difference between your income and what you need to live on each month. The difference (called your Disposable Income) is what you will be expected to pay each month. This can change if your income or living expenses change, and in any event will be formally reviewed with you at least annually.

What if my financial circumstances change?

If your financial circumstances improve, then you can either pay off your debt straight away (if this is possible), or you can contact all parties involved and cease your Debt Management Plan, returning to your usual monthly payments.

Why choose Immediate Financial over other debt management companies?

Immediate Financial has a long history in Financial Services and is a trusted provider of services having helped thousands of customers find the right financial products for them, including Debt Management services and advice, with a vast customer base and a high level of experience and respect in the industry. Immediate Financial judge themselves by their results, and their customer-orientated attitude. Immediate Financial pride ourselves in having a low ratio of customers to each client liaison officer, which ensures they provide a superior level of support and advice.

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  • Have one affordable monthly payment
  • Reduce demands from your creditors

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