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Looking for a low cost motorbike insurance quote? Want to compare motorbike insurance, moped or scooter insurance? Make sure you are getting the best deal by comparing UK insurers with Money Expert.

Money Expert has teamed up with to bring you the biggest choice of motorbike insurance quotes from leading UK insurance providers in one easy to use comparison service.

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Tips for Comparing Motorbike Insurance

When it comes to car insurance there are realms and realms of information on the numerous policies available. However, when looking for motorbike insurance it gets a bit trickier as there are several points to consider which can impact the cover and the premium, which differ from car insurance policies.

Follow these top tips for gaining the right level of cover and at the best price for that all important motorbike insurance.

  • Type of Cover There a three types of cover for motorbikes. ‘Third Party’ only provides the money to pay for damage you cause to another vehicle – a suitable option if the value of your bike is minimal. The other two are ‘Third Party Fire and Theft’ covering for fire and theft additionally, and ‘Comprehensive’ which includes everything including a payout for the damage to your bike when you cause it.
  • Power Unsurprisingly, like car insurance, motorbike insurance becomes more pricey the more powerful the bike. If it is your first bike and you want to take it slow, make sure when you buy the bike you do not opt for one with the biggest engine. If however it is speed you need, the faster and more powerful the bike the better, prepare yourself for higher premiums as insurers expect these bikes to go faster, to be used more for racing than for getting to and fro and essentially more dangerous and likely to be involved in an accident.
  • Training Courses A proven way to reduce your insurance premium is to become a better and more experienced rider. If you don’t have the time to gain the experience then opt for an additional training course or lesson after gaining your license. These can differ in length and duration but can significantly impact your insurance. Motorway driving courses are a popular choice and the benefit is also that you will become a better rider in the process.
  • Mileage/Usage Different insurers will offer different policies depending on how often you use your motorbike. If it for general transport means – for getting to work and back – as opposed to the odd weekend ride or a summer activity ensure to mention this.
  • Claiming As with cars most motorbike policies offer a no claims discount, so if you damage your bike minimally it is advised to work out whether it is worth claiming and miss out on a reduced premium, or pay for the damage as an extra saving the insurance for only big expenses. Always remember when shopping around for motorbike insurance to seek out the excesses when claiming as these can differ considerably

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