Your business could save £££ on bills!

Business running costs can quickly add up and cost-cutting bills can often be overlooked. Switching your energy provider could be a wise move, potentially saving your business both time and money. 

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EDF Energy claim that businesses waste up to 20% of the energy they purchase, which can quickly add up and cost more in the long run. This money can be saved through a number of energy saving methods and energy switching services.

The size of your business will also have a dramatic impact on the amount of energy you use.

What uses energy?

Air conditioning

Air conditioning can use a vast amount of energy and can increase a buildingís energy consumption and carbon emissions by up to 100%, according to the Carbon Trust.
Whilst businesses need to control heating levels, there are some simple, low cost ways of doing so. For example, by making sure that your air conditioning does not operate below 24C you can reduce the risk of having your heating and cooling systems competing with each other. Donít put on the air conditioning full blast as this wastes energy and money.

Office temperatures are often up for debate amongst staff. Figures from a price comparison website found that a huge 86% of people confess to complaining about the temperatures at work. The study found that 12% claim the shivering temperatures of the office make them less productive and 47% believe that air conditioning spreads illness.

One way to make everyone happy and cut the cost of energy bills could be to find a suitable temperature for all.

According to Green Energy UK, a massive 25% of the money that businesses spend on electricity is used to power the lights. Whilst we do need lights to work, especially during the winter months when it gets dark earlier, there are some cost cutting ways of living with light.

Lighting is often one of the most frequently used utilities in the office and energy efficient bulbs use 80% less electricity on average.

The quality of light, however, is important as it influences performance in the work place. One way of retaining quality and saving energy is by using sensors, which can dim or turn off the lights when nobody is there. This could reduce electricity by more than 30%.

Boilers and heat distribution

The Carbon Trust believe that in a typical building, heading and industrial operations can account for as much as 60% of the total energy bill. Thatís a huge chunk of your businesses bill, which could be significantly reduced. By implementing simple boiler and heat distributions, you could cut costs by up to 30%. You can take your own measures to reduce costs by making sure that regular maintenance is done on the boiler and all pipe work should be insulated to prevent heat loss.

Large businesses

A number of large businesses have already taken measures to reduce their energy waste, however, more can always be done. Large businesses will have a sense of corporate responsibility and targets to reduce their carbon emissions.

The government aims to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, and currently offer a scheme which introduces mandatory carbon management requirements for organisations. The Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficient scheme is aimed at large, non-energy intensive organisations such as supermarkets, hotel chains, retail chains, large offices and almost all public sector organisations.

Small Businesses

Small businesses can apply for loans and grants to reduce their energy costs. These loans could help businesses to install renewable energy devices or measures that reduce energy consumption.

How to save energy

When looking for a new energy plan for your businesses it is good idea to consider the different tariffs that are available to you. Energy suppliers typically offer better rates to customers who commit to a fixed-rate contract. This is because they are keen to keep your custom for longer and know that if you are tied to them for a fixed period of time they can lower rates, according to EDF Energy.

Larger energy users can opt for flexible contracts which allow them to spread energy costs over time, rather than fix their energy costs. 

Watch the market

The business energy market is not too separate from the consumer energy market and is largely affected by the cost of wholesale gas. The wholesale cost of energy frequently fluctuates and so it pays to keep an eye on what is happening within those markets to know you are getting the best prices.

Ultimately, the best way to save money on your business energy bills is by comparing tariffs to get the best deal with Money Expert.

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