Young motorists ‘should invest in driving future’

Learner drivers need to invest time, money and effort into passing their driving test and becoming confident road users, a car insurance provider has suggested.

A new report by Churchill Car Insurance found that seven in ten British drivers take at least 12 months before they pass their driving test.

It also shows that 64 per cent of learner drivers need at least 30 lessons before they are equipped to pass their test, with seven per cent having to take more than 100 lessons before being successful.

Failure to observe at junctions is the main cause for failure among young motorists, the report found, with reverse parking and reversing around corners also proving problematic.

Frances Browning, a spokesperson for the car insurance provider, said in order to become “fully-equipped and confident motorists”, learner drivers need to make an investment of time, money and commitment into their preparations.

“If learner drivers, particularly those aged under 25, invest in their training, they will become better drivers, have fewer accidents, and help make Britain’s roads safer for all drivers,” she added.

Last week the Motor Insurers’ Bureau said there is a “large number” of young drivers who are uninsured.

The organisation warned that those driving without car insurance face potentially “dreadful consequences”.

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