Xmas time spending stresses UK

Three quarters of people in the UK worry about the expense of Christmas, and one in 11 are still paying off their homeowner loan deals by the time it rolls around again.

Best rate homeowner loan research found that one fifth of homeowner loan borrowers are still paying off their Xmas debt in June. A quarter said that they worry about clearing their Christmas debts.

Two fifths of those surveyed insist that next year they will plan carefully and compare loans to find the best rate and ensure they have a stress free holiday season.

“Christmas is a notoriously expensive time of year and the cost seems to increase year-year with the average Briton spending £813 last year on presents, going out, food, drink and decorations,” said homeowner loan expert Jim Hodgkins.

“It’s not surprising that so many of us worry about how we will pay for the festivities and are concerned about our credit situation in the run-up to the big day.”

Planning spending well in advance and ensuring you compare loans and get the best rate can substantially cut the cost of Christmas, said Mr Hodgkins.

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