Women should ‘shop around’ for car insurance

Female motorists are being urged to shop around for the best car insurance deals available.

Car insurer swiftcover.com has conducted research that has revealed some women may be charged high amounts to insure their vehicles, despite the generally accepted notion that motor premiums are cheaper for women.

According to the firm, the difference in premiums offered by a range of car insurance companies was as much as £600 for the year.

Marketing director of swiftcover.com Tina Shortle said she was “surprised” at the premiums some people pay.

“Our message to all drivers, both men and women, is to shop around – and certainly not to settle for your renewal premium until you have made sure it is competitive,” she advised.

Last week, More Th>n introduced a new car insurance product designed specifically for women – offering £300 of handbag cover, priority roadside support and female-friendly repairers.

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