Women get better car insurance quotes

Women who are the only driver insured on a particular vehicle get better car insurance premium quotes than their male counterparts, an industry body has revealed.

The Institute of Insurance Brokers (IIB) has stated that women are statistically safer drivers than men.

Government data suggests that females cause and are involved in less serious accidents than males, although there is some evidence to suggest that they make more claims for smaller bumps and scratches.

According to the Home Office, 97 per cent of all motorists convicted of dangerous driving are male.

And a spokesman for Sheila’s Wheels, which provides car insurance only to women, said: “A male driver aged 17 to 20 is 89 times more likely than a woman of the same age to be convicted for causing death or bodily harm.”

Despite complaints that the practice of offering lower priced car insurance premiums to women is discriminatory, it was recently confirmed by the EC that it is a fair practice in light of statistical evidence.

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