Women drivers crash whilst applying makeup in the car

16% of women have crashed or had a near miss as a result of applying make-up whilst driving, the latest research has found.

More than 3.5 million women across the UK could be putting their lives at risk by taking their daily make-up routine on the road.

According to Diamond, a quarter of female drivers apply make-up while driving and nearly one in ten (7%) take their hands off the wheel completely to apply their make-up.

Despite many using their car as a second home, some women take this too literally and the research found that they also eat breakfast, brush their hair and read the newspaper whilst driving.

The driving habits of 2,000 female motorists were questioned and the shocking results found that 47% of them have admitted to checking a text message, a third of them brushed their hair, 34% have eaten breakfast and 32% have drunk hot drinks.

A further 18% have checked their emails on their smartphone and nearly one in ten (9%) have read the newspaper whilst driving.

This style of dangerous driving has led to accidents on the road.  The research found that despite the fact that 60% of women apply make-up while driving, almost 90% of them admit to thinking this is dangerous.

Not only is applying make-up hazardous to the driver, but to passengers and other motorists.

More than two-thirds of female drivers have applied make-up with passengers in the car and 30% have done it with children travelling with them.

It’s shocking that quite so many women admit to doing these tasks while driving,” said Diamond managing director, Elwyn Gedrych.

“We all have busy lives but applying your make-up, or checking emails, when you’re driving is dangerous as it means your full attention is not on the road ahead.”

If you have an accident due to not paying full attention on the road, you are likely to be liable to pay damages. It is advisable to seek out the best car insurance for your circumstances and shop around for a better deal.

You should never apply make-up whilst driving.

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