Women drivers advised to de-clutter

Female drivers are leaving £129 worth of personal items in their motors every day, according to a car insurance firm.

Sheila’s Wheels reports that 85 per cent of women leave things in their car which should be kept in a wardrobe and 60 per cent think of their vehicle as an extension of their house.

The firm warns that leaving personal items in a vehicle can risk a car insurance policy as thieves are more likely to break in, advising drivers to ensure their belongings are not on display.

“But there isn’t just a risk of theft,” adds Jacky Brown of the company. “Female motorists seem unaware of the dangers of having personal items loose in the car whilst on the move.”

“As a rule, a de-cluttered car is definitely a safer car,” she says.

The top five items women tend to leave in their car were cited as books, shoes, clothes, children’s toys and toiletries.

Sheila’s Wheels recently reported that 67 per cent of females have a hairstyle that falls in their eyes while they are driving, putting themselves and their passengers at risk.

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