Winter ‘will see motor insurance claims increase’

The arrival of darker evenings as the clocks revert to Greenwich Meantime this weekend will lead to a rise in car insurance claims, it has been predicted.

Insurer RIAS said problems are likely to arise because eight million Britons are not taking the kind of measures they need to protect their vehicles against mishaps.

A poll by the firm found that 21 per cent of drivers fail to carry out checks on things such as the level of brake fluid, oil and water except when they go for their annual MOT.

The situation could lead to many facing higher car insurance costs, RIAS said.

Managing director of the firm Janet Connor said: “The darker conditions can make it difficult to judge both speed and distance, so by adjusting to the season and performing regular checks, motorists can avoid both accidents and financial headaches.”

Car insurance premiums have already been rising this year, according to the AA, which said there has been a 5.6 per cent hike in costs in the past three months.

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