What a babyshambles!

WHAT a waster! Riches-to rags Pete Doherty is the latest celeb to be rescued by MoneyExpert.com.

Having been booted out of ex-girlfriend Kate Moss’s plush London home last week, the former Libertines frontman is doing some hard time – and not behind bars. The Babyshambles singer reportedly had to stay in a trailer park. He really is up the bracket.

The whole world may have been Pete’s playground in recent times, but with no home, no gigs, a jail tour around the corner and no ¸ber-cool (and ¸ber-rich) girlfriend to rely on, MoneyExpert has stepped in to bring poor Pete back from the dead.

Save Cash

Sticks and stones won’t break his bones, but smoking could kill him. It doesn’t help his cashflow and Pete could save nearly £2,000 instantly by kicking the habit.

Removal men also took six acoustic guitars, an accordion and an upright piano from Kate’s house when he was kicked out. We reckon there’s a good £3,500 to be made just from selling his favourite musical instruments.

Home Alone

He may not live in Pentonville yet – but there is a prison near the up-and-coming London neighbourhood and property prices are still reasonable.
If Pete’s going to have any chance of getting a mortgage on a new home, it’s not a bad place to start.

With interest rates rising a cheap deal will prove tricky – on a £200,000 one bed flat he’ll still have to find £1,200 a month at 5.75 per cent. Check out the best mortgage rates below.

Popular Mortgages

Company Typical APR (fixed)
Stroud & Swindon Building Society – 2yr BBR Tracker LTV 90% 5.25%
Norwich & Peterborough Building Society – Flexible 2yr BBR Tracker LTV 90% >£75k Direct 5.25%
Leeds Building Society – 3yr BBR Tracker LTV 90% 5.25%

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Credit Cards

A cash-strapped Doherty might have to turn to credit cards to get him through the month. Pete will need a low-rate APR on purchases to make sure he’s not paying over the odds for his groceries. Zero per cent deals on purchases can be as long as a year – check out the best card options below.

Popular Credit Cards

Company Balance Transfer Intro Rate Typical APR
Capital One Platinum 0.0% / 10 months 0.0% / 10 months 9.9%
YBS Base Rate Tracker 5.5% / 6 months 5.6% / 6 months 11.6%
Halifax One 0.0% / 9 months 0.0% / 9 months 13.9%

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With these simple steps Pete can get back on his own two feet and can stop worrying about what Kate will do next.

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