What are you Spending your Money on this Weekend?

The warm sunshine of April appears to have vanished of late causing many Brits to look forward to a weekend of wet and dreary weather.

When the sun is out, the majority of people find they can easily whittle away the weekend lounging outside soaking up some rays, or going for a leisurely stroll.  However, with rain usually comes a bored family waiting to be entertained.

If you are thinking about spending money on entertaining the kids this weekend, then make sure you do spend wisely. 

Take a look at these fun ideas for indoor entertainment for adults and kids that come in under budget, so a wet weekend does not necessarily mean your bank balance takes a hit.

Spend Wisely

ï Cooking Marathon ñ If you think the best activity you can do this weekend is stay indoors then a cooking marathon could be a fun, indoor activity where you can bake your weekend away.  Your kids will love getting involved and you could even invite a few people round for a tea party to enjoy the finished products together.

ï Shop on a Budget ñ If you love nothing more than hitting the shops when the weather is dreary, then make sure you set yourself a budget.  Take the money you can afford to spend out in cash so you are not tempted to spend more ñ if you buckle to temptation then why not leave your credit cards at home.

Purchase Credit Cards

Sometimes it makes sense to spend on a credit card, as there are many offers rewarding card users for spending, and some even offering 0 percent interest periods on purchases.

ï Tesco Clubcard Credit Card ñ 0 percent for 15 months on purchases.

ï Royal Bank of Scotland, Classic Card EX/C ñ 0 percent for 13 months on purchases.

ï Natwest Classic Credit Card EX/C ñ 0 percent for 13 months on purchases.
The above credit cards all offer the longest interest free periods on purchases, with the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card coming out top with a 15 month period.

If you require a credit card to spend with, then one that offers a good interest free period on purchases could prevent you from racking up interest on outstanding balances you cannot afford just yet to repay.

Whatís more, the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card offers rewards for the card userís spending as they are able to accumulate points – for every £4 they spend they receive one Clubcard point. 

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