Watch out when buying used cars, says AA

Consumers looking to buy a used car should beware, according to AA Personal Loans.

The finance firm advised people to ensure they are given the accurate registration documents, such as the vehicle’s V5 form, along with an up-date service record.

Look around, it recommended, claiming that it is unwise to buy the first car on offer and a second opinion is always useful.

Additional tips included doing research such as checking the internet for good deals, shopping around for finance to fund the purchase and also taking any potential vehicles for an adequate test drive.

Mark Huggins, head of the firm, commented: “One in four drivers will knowingly sell a second-hand car without revealing a known fault with the vehicle, so it’s important that car buyers are vigilant no matter whom they are buying from.”

Britannia Rescue named January 2nd as the day cars are most likely to break down, due to a lack of use over Christmas combined with heavy traffic and bad weather.

The firm recommended taking out the housecall option on car insurance policies, covering the event of a vehicle failing to start.

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