Warning over “fragile” jobs market

The UK jobs market is “fragile”, an expert has said.

Discussing a situation that may affect those with debt management issues, Institute for Employment Studies research fellow Thomas Usher suggested the recovery of the employment situation in the country cannot be taken for granted.

He stated: “There is finally a certain amount of stability in the jobs market, but it is fragile – all it takes is for the economy to stumble and that situation in the labour market could reverse very quickly.”

Mr Usher did note some improvements, however, observing that the number of vacancies is starting to rise again.

The Office for National Statistics revealed last month that an extra 88,000 people became unemployed in the three months to the end of August.

This took the proportion of the workforce out of employment to 7.9 per cent, but the figure was hailed by analysts as not being as bad as feared.

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