Warning over debt delays

Social stigmas about having debt has led to many people delaying too long over dealing with the problem, according to online debt help service talkaboutdebt.co.uk.

Independent consumer journalist at the site Jessica Bown said many are “fearful” of how others will react if they admit to having problems.

“They feel ashamed and fear that their family will disown them or look down on them because of the situation they are in,” she added.

Ms Bown said people get into “deeper and deeper” trouble by not discussing the issues and then getting help.

Those having difficulties with paying what they owe may benefit from transferring to more favourable products that charge less interest.

Research by the website published this week showed that 43 per cent of people with debt problems are reluctant to talk to anyone because of the stigmas involved.

One in seven people had still not talked to anyone about their difficulties.

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