Warn insurer before driving abroad, motorists are told

Motorists planning to drive on holiday need to call their car insurance provider “in good time” before leaving, the AA has warned.

Ian Crowder, public relations manager for the company, said: “If you have car insurance of any sort in Europe, you are automatically covered by law for the minimum legal requirement in the country you are visiting – usually third party only.”

Therefore drivers should be aware they will have to pay the costs of recovering a car, possibly the expenses of the police, fire service or ambulance, alongside any other losses, he warned.

Although some car insurance providers do offer comprehensive cover abroad, it is vital to give them enough warning before travelling, Mr Crowder urged, adding that a European Accident Claim Form is a necessary travel document.

Around three million British motorists travel to Europe by the ferry and channel tunnel every year, according to the RAC Foundation.

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