Waitrose plans an expansion in contrast to others leading supermarkets

Waitrose plans to open 14 new store locations by spring this year; half of them being smaller convenience stores.

Some of the new jobs will be at a new depot located in the south of London, which are being built to meet the growing demands of online shoppers.

By contrast, other leading supermarkets Tesco and Sainsburyís are losing market share to cut price stores such as Lidl and Aldi.
Tesco has said it will have to close 43 stores which are currently unprofitable, and at the same time pass up on plans to open 49 new large locations.

In November, Sainsburyís said it was also holding back plans for the opening of new locations.

Morrissons is also planning on closing 10 stores which are not showing a profit, sometime this year.
Waitrose is looking to make its expansion in the south east of England. It appears that there is an increasing demand for the retailerís higher end products, as it is has already opened two new stores in Egham and London.

Nigel Keen, the Waitrose director commented: “Our expansion story continues as we take the brand to more customers.”

“Last year many of our new branches received than more than 10 applications for every vacancy – so we’re delighted to be able to create an additional 2,000 roles in 2015.”

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