Up to “3m” most vulnerable unready for chip and pin

Up to three million of the most vulnerable consumers in the country are experiencing problems with chip and pin technology as the clock counts down to the “pin only” deadline.

The problem has been highlighted by the National Consumer Council (NCC), which said that many elderly and disabled consumers are struggling to memorise their pins.

The NCC, which has urged banks to launch an information campaign about the changeover, says that many people do not know enough about the issue to compare credit card types and make an educated choice.

It added that many remain unaware that they can still opt to authorise payments by signature if they choose an un-chipped credit or debit card.

“A year ago we urged the banks to launch an information campaign and improve bank staff awareness of the chip and pin alternatives,” said Claire Whyley, deputy director of policy at the NCC.

“We are really disappointed that banks haven’t taken their responsibilities to vulnerable customers more seriously. Three million people could find themselves high and dry at the checkout.”

Payment services organisation Apacs defended its record, saying that its research had indicated that most people with disabilities said that they had found chip and pin as easy to use as the old method of payment.

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