Uninsured drivers ‘cost other motorists £30 a year’

Young drivers are particularly likely to drive without having car insurance, an industry body has said.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) said yesterday that they need to be aware of the risk of driving without cover.

A spokeswoman for the body explained that it is essential to get the message through to young drivers that “insurance is there to protect them, as well as to protect other road users”.

In addition to the potential health and safety consequences, another problem caused by young drivers – and particularly young males – not having car insurance is that it pushes up the price of premiums in general.

Susan Beck, head of communications for the MIB, said: “Honest motorists pay an additional £30 a year in premiums to cover the cost of uninsured driving in the UK.”

Earlier this week the body revealed how the problem of uninsured driving is especially apparent in inner-city areas of major conurbations such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.

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