‘Unaware’ Brits risk flouting code

An insurer has expressed concern that many Britons are unaware of the new Highway Code, following the publication of an updated version less than a month ago.

Churchill conducted research which reveals 84 per cent of drivers are unaware that playing loud music while driving is against the new safety rules and 65 per cent of drivers admit eating while at the wheel, which is also against the code.

The study discovered 37 per cent of drivers are unaware the safety rules have been updated.

Abi Clark, spokesperson for Churchill Car Insurance, said drivers who are unaware of the new guidelines could find themselves accidentally breaking them.

She warned: “Anything that distracts motorists from looking at the road, or prevents them from driving safely should be avoided at all costs so that accidents can be prevented.”

Last month research by Churchill found 32 per cent of parents who drove were unaware of changes in the law made the previous year which stipulated children up to the age of 12 must use safety seats when travelling in a car.

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