UK winter storms cause chaos

The UK has been hit with a raft of high speed winds, heavy rain and a seriously cold snap over the last week. The inclement weather has caused widespread havoc and destruction to homes, cars, roads & businesses.

Absolute carnage has unfolded as a result of Gale-force winds of over 100 mpg hitting parts of the country. Two men have died from the harsh weather conditions, with one falling victim to a collapsing tree and the other experiencing the impact of a huge wave caused by the strong winds. Many others up and down the country have been seriously injured.

One of the UKís largest racecourses at Epsom was evacuated when parts of the grandstand were blown off.

Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses were left without power as gusts of up to 110 mph were recorded in the North Pennines. In Scotland 16,000 properties remain without power as the harsh winds halted efforts to restore power.

Some 6,000 homes and businesses in the East Midlands are still without power, according to the BBC.

A number of trains have been cancelled due to falling trees on the track and several flights have also been either cancelled or delayed.

The Met Office has issued wind warnings for Wales, Northern Ireland, North-East of England the South-West of Scotland.

Parts of the M25 between Essex and Kent have been closed for the second time this week. Police have advised motorists to stay at home as speeds are expected to reach between 50 and 70 mph for the country today.

Cars have been victim to a number of fallen trees and several properties have taken a battering from the heavy storms.

Lee Mooney from the Co-Operative commented on the storms; ìAlthough the worst of the storms appears to be over we would continue to urge customers to make sure their homes are protected as far as possible from further damage. Simple steps include clearing your garden of hazardous loose objects and removing loose or overhanging branches.”

If you are concerned about your property or vehicle, it could be advisable to check with your provider that you are covered for weather damage and accidental damage.

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